Post & Rail fencing


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Post & Rail Fencing

Owning and caring for horses can be an expensive business. PVC post & rail is not just an affordable, attractive post & rail system, but its innovative design and safety features work to reduce unnecessary injury to the animal or fence.

Made from high strength PVC post & rail fencing looks just like traditional timber post & rail but offers a number of distinct benefits you won't find with standard fencing.

Flexible - unique fabrication and in-built memory allows give and springs back into shape - reducing potential for injury to animals.

Safe -with no painting or chemical treatments, your horse is not exposed to any product. Especially those prone to cribbing, or windsucking. PVC offers further protection for animals whereby it is resistant to chipping, warping, and splitting.

UV stable, designed for the harsh Australian climate and termite proof.

Installation is quick & easy.

Round Yard 2 rail farm entrance Round yard being built Completed round yard Crossbuck fence entrance